Crisis Management and Human Behaviour

Crisis Management and Human Behaviour


The course is approved by the MCA and meets the standard mandatory training requirements for senior officers and key personnel on ships carrying passengers, as specified in the IMO Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW95).  These regulations are set out in Regulation V/2 para 5 applicable to Ro-Ro passenger ships.  Similar requirements applicable to other passenger ships, set out in Regulation V/3 para 5 are also included.

The course is practical in nature and covers aspects of crowd control management which can be further developed, if required, permitting the delegates the award of a dual certificate.  The course may also be of value to personnel in other maritime areas, particularly commercial yachts, shor passenger terminals, offshore floatels and oil platforms.

The main topics covered are :-

  • Leadership, command and effective communications
  • Definition, types and nature of a crisis
  • Human behaviour and the responses during emergencies
  • Stress and it's effects on crew and passengers
  • Crowd management

Duration:  1 day

Standard:  STCW95 A-V/2&3; IMO 1.29

Entry requirements:  There are no entry requirements

Issue of certificate:  Delegates are assessed throughout the course and with a multiple choice test.

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