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ISPS Code - Ship Security Officer (MCA)

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This intensive course meets the requirements of STCW A-VI/5 and is based on the MCA / MNTB ship security officer specifications.  Approved by the MCA, it has been designed to give delegates a full understanding of the Code, how to implement the Code and related legislation to fulfil the documentation requirements and maintain an effective security system for their operation.

The course is highly realistic and practical in nature combining considerable role play and exercises to consolidate the theoretical material.  In addition to the Lairdside venue the course can be presented worldwide and to a client's requirements.

Upon completion of the course, delegates will be able to :-

  • Understand the Principles and Responsibilities of National and International Requirements
  • Maintain ship security plans
  • Appreciate security levels
  • Develop and maintain measures for the control of access to the vessel
  • Conduct ship security and risk assessments
  • Implement effective search mechanisms and security controls 

Duration:  3 days

Standard:  STCW A-VI/5: ISPS A 12.2 / B 13.2

Entry requirements:  There are no specific pre-requisites for SSO training but those undergoing training should have sufficient knowledge and practical experience of merchant vessel operations to enable them to achieve the objectives of the training and be able, if required, to undertake the duties and responsibilities of an SSO on completion of the training.

Issue of certificate:  In addition to a formal written assessment delegate’s will be assessed by oral questioning, practical role play performance and within group workshop activities.  To be issued with an SSO certificate candidates must have a minimum of 12 months seagoing service and knowledge of ship operations.

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