Training for Instructors

Training for Instructors

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The course is based on IMO Model Course 6.09 and is designed to facilitate the deliver of training in the competence standards required by the IMO Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch-keeping for Seafarers 1978 as amended (STCW95) A-I/6.

The course covers the principles of training, STCW95 course creation and design as well as presentation, delivery and evaluation techniques.  It is highly practical in nature with lectures and workshops and the delegates will be expected to make a presentation which will be formally assessed. 

Upon completion the delegate's will be able to :-

  • Understand and describe how STCW95 requires competence based training
  • Plan an effective teaching environment
  • Use a range of teaching methods effectively
  • Use appropriate teaching aids
  • Produce relevant lesson plans
  • Evaluate teaching and learning
  • Design a course of study

Duration:  5 days

Standard:  STCW95 A-I/6; IMO 6.09

Entry requirements:  There are no entry requirements though an understand of the STCW95 is of benefit.

Issue of certificate:  The presentation will be formally assessed and the delegate's understanding and performance will be assessed throughout the course.


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