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I have wide interests in biology, environmental science and the history of science. My theoretical work has concentrated on areas of evolutionary ecology, biogeography and the Earth System (Gaia). My more empirical studies have included work on Quaternary paleoecology, environmental archaeology (especially around the English Lake District) and the ecology of Protozoa.

My publications (including some PDFs) can be found by following links on the right hand side menu
These links include all refereed papers and a limited selection of the more significant non refereed articles (in general non refereed material is only included where it contains interesting ideas).

My collaborators include:

Tom Clare (Liverpool JMU), archaeology in Cumbria.
Edward Mitchell (University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland), ecology of testate amoebae.
Hannah O'Regan (Liverpool JMU), population modelling in historical biogeography and cave archaeology in Cumbria.
Graeme Ruxton (Glasgow University) theoretical work in ecology and evolution.
Humphrey Smith (Emeritus, Coventry University, UK), ecology of testate amoebae.
Tom Sherratt (Carleton University, Canada), theoretical ecology.

Articles describing my research include:

Perry D.A. (1998). A movable feast: the evolution of resource sharing within plant-fungus communities. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 13: 432-434.

Boyce N (2000). It's not our fault. New Scientist No 2236, 9.

Gillon J. (2000) Feedback on Gaia. Nature 406, 685-686. [Note the misprint which refers to me as D Williamson of Liverpool Univ ! : see correction Nature 406, 933].

Whitfield J. (2003) Autumn's colourful codes. Financial Times Friday 31 October p13. [Yet another article that gets my name wrong, this one calls me Mike!].

Pearce F. (2004) The accidental rainforest. New Scientist No. 2465 (18 Sept) pp 44-45. [Note, my term for this forest is 'cloud forest' NOT 'rain forest', which implies very high rainfall levels].

Arthur C. (2004) Man-made rainforest baffles scientists. The Independent. 16 Sept p14.[see note above on cloud forest v. rain forest]

Zimmer C (2004) Those Brilliant Fall Outfits May Be Saving Trees. New York Times 19 October. [This very good article interested many other writers who produced over 10 other newspaper articles in at least 6 different countries].

Lincoln, T. (2005) Mycology: The whiff of danger. Nature 437, 1248.

Kokko, H. (2009) Problems well worth pondering. Science 324, 1017-1018. [Book review of Sherratt and Wilkinson Big Questions in Ecology and Evolution].

Geddes, L. (2009) Free travel pass makes microbes less diverse. New Scientist 204 (2732), 15.

Geary, J. (2010) David Wilkinson: Environmental Scientist. Ode Magazine January/February 2010, 32. [Note the typo that demotes me to a teaching assistant! This appears to have been a copy editing accident – not the fault of the writer. The article can be found on the writers web site:]

Cookson, C. (2011) Absorbing research on human sweat. Financial Times Magazine,

Balter M (2011) How a dinosaur is like a vacuum cleaner. Science 332, 21 (longer and better version of this article on the web at:

Awards and Honours

2007. British Ecological Society book award for 'Fundamental Processes in Ecology; an Earth Systems approach'.

January 2009 - June 2009. Invited Biologist at Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland.

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