Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology by Distance Learning

The MSc / PG Diploma / PG Certificate in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology focuses on a view of the person that emphasizes the interrelationships between the physiological, psychological, social and spiritual levels of explanation.  It articulates a philosophical orientation which believes that the pursuit of psychological knowledge is advanced by experiential and introspective approaches as well as by the more traditional scientific approaches. Within the programme, students will be introduced to all such approaches.

In presenting a scholarly and multi-perspectival approach to the investigation of consciousness and the transpersonal, the programmes aim to approach these areas in an open, non-ideological, and appropriately critical way, but one that acknowledges and respects individual differences of view, experience and belief.

The programme aims to be of interest to open-minded people of all religious persuasions, or of none. Students must be willing, and will be expected, to explore the implications of scholarly research and debate for questions that may have previously been considered to be matters of faith or religious doctrine.

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