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6000PSYSCI Dissertation Allocation - Supervisor Choices

Please read all information on this page then check the box indicating you have read it so that you can access the on-line form. You may need to revisit the page before submitting your registration

What is this page for?

This page outlines how you can register a preference for your dissertation supervisor for the next academic year. We cannot guarantee your preferred supervisor but we will do everything possible to make sure you get a suitable match.

Who should use the supervisor choice form?

Students who will register for the dissertation module 6000PSYSCI. These students will typically be registered on the following programmes: Applied Psychology;  Criminology & Psychology

Who should not use the supervisor choice form?

Students who are registered on the following programmes should NOT use this form; instead, they should contact their home school programme leaders:

  • Forensic Psychology & Criminal Justice (School of Law)
  • Applied Sports Psychology (School of Sports & Exercise Science)

What should I do next?

Completing the on-line form

Be aware that supervisors have a fixed number of students they can take, thus as time goes on some names will not appear on the list. Thus it is advisable that you have a short list of potential supervisors in case your first choice is not available. Complete all of the required fields on the form; select both a supervisor and a specific project they offer.

What happens after I register my supervisor preferences?

You will receive an automated email listing what you have entered in the database. You should be aware that if you do not successfully pass Level 5 assessments you may not be eligible to register for the dissertation module.

What happens if I want to change my mind?

Return to this page and update your registration by entering your details again on the form.

Who can I contact to answer any other questions I might have?

Dr Susannah Walker, Module Leader 6000PSYSCI  s.c.walker@ljmu.ac.uk

On-line supervisor selection is no longer available, please contact the module leader Dr Susannah Walker

Page last modified 01 October 2014.

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