David Fontana

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you of the recent death of David Fontana. David was a Visiting Professor in our School, and came to deliver lectures on several occasions. David’s connection with LJMU came about through his work in Transpersonal Psychology, and his lectures enriched the learning experience for many on our MSc in Consciousness & Transpersonal Psychology. His primary academic affiliation was at Cardiff University, where he was Distinguished Visiting Fellow. I believe he was also a Fellow of the BPS. David’s contribution to Psychology was enormous and he will be deeply missed by many.


Psychology staff spotted using Sport Science milk!

I have been asked to pass on a message requesting our staff to refrain from using the milk of our sister department in the Tom Reilly Building. Failure to do so will presumably put you at risk of being labelled after a former Tory PM (those born after about 1965 will need to consult a senior colleague).

Page last modified 15 November 2010.

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