Virtual Alps - Morteratsch Glacier

Morteratsch Glacier

Liverpool John Moores University conducted glacial and fluvial processes research on the Morteratsch glacier in July 2007

Dr Anne-Marie Nuttall, Prof Tim Stott, Dr Nick Eden and 14 students: Will Birchall; Craig Connor; Graeme Crompton; Blair Coburn; Sarah Hammond; Darren Maxwell; Joe Myhill; Laura Severn; Liam Farraington; Gareth Johnson; William 'Jimmy' Pritchard; Guy Millership; Katie Smith and was visited again in July 2008: Nuttall, Eden and 4 students

This site contains the following areas. Click the Morteratsch Glacier link on right menu to return to this page.

1. Site description

2. Location maps

3. Photographs

4. Panorama movies and video clips

5. Exercises: plotting data; data interpretation

6. Further Reading

7. Review quiz to test your understanding

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