Health & Safety

Local Health and Safety Coordinators and Officers

Staff Member Phone
Room (James Parsons Building)
Email ( Role
Eric McEvoy 2214 431 (JP)  E.G.McEvoy (Co-ordinator)
Colin Armstrong 2216 415 (JP) C.H.Armstrong Health and safety


Staff Member

Phone Room (Tom Reilly Building) Email ( Role
Ted Sayers 6333  318 (TR)   E.Sayers Health and safety


Fire Evacuation Coordinators and Fire Wardens

Staff Member Phone
Room  (Tom Reilly Building) 
Email ( Role
Steve Wilson   118 (TR)   Fire Warden



For more information please contact the Health and Safety Unit via the links below.

The Health and Safety Unit have moved to the 3rd Floor, Kingway House.  Please see below for our new telephone extension numbers.

John Gillin 8721
Paula 8167
Lorraine 8120
Sean 8119
Justine 8118
Lisa 8082


Page last modified 10 October 2012.

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