Swilla Glen [SD 694 737]

As we walk into Swilla Glen the channel form of the River Twiss changes dramatically.

Use the cursor to navigate along the channel and use the zoom-in function to look at the bed load in detail.

  • Which way is the river flowing?
  • What is your evidence for this?
  • How fast is the water flowing in comparison with the panorama of River Twiss?
  • Suggest reasons for the reduced flow velocity.
  • The water here is clear (you can see the bed load) but a rusty brown colour. Give reasons for this.

Focus on the entrance to the gorge at the most northerly section of the panorama. Zoom in on this striking feature.

  • Why is there such a drastic change in channel form in this area?

In the eastern river bank Carboniferous rocks are exposed.

  • What colour are they?
  • What does this suggest about the rock type? [Further clues: these rocks ‘fizz with acid’ and often contain fossils].

Identify the rock bedding planes. These are the ‘lines’ you see in the outcrop.

  • Are the rocks dipping upstream or downstream?
  • What is the angle of dip?



Hold down left button and move mouse to control panorama. Clicking on the + or - at the bottom of the movie will zoom in or out



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