Ingleton Virtual Field Excursion

This program is designed to enable you to reflect on your experiences in the field and supplement the data you have already collected. You will be able to view key locations and add to your field notes.

The information provided should help with your assignment. The questions raised throughout the program will guide you in the right direction - you just provide the answers!

Use the panoramas (some of the panoramas have hotspots which, when clicked on will take you to a page with information concerning the area where the hotspot is located, incidentally, any panorama with hotspots will also have a right hand menu which duplicates the links to the pages referenced by these hotspots), videos and their associated images and text to build up a picture of the geology, landscapes and processes acting upon this classic area. Use the glossary to find/clarify the meanings of words that have been used in the text or in the field.


3D  Ordinance Survey map of Ingleton

Raven RayThornton ForcePecca FallsManor BridgeIngleton QuarryHelksSwilla GlenRiver Twiss

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