ADA scoops architecture award

22 April 2010

LJMU Art & Design Academy has been named the winner in World Architecture News (WAN) Awards 2010 Education Sector.

In the built category, Rick Mather won with the LJMU Art & Design Academy for LJMU – from a record number of quality entries into the competition.

In an article on the WAN website, Michael Hammond, Editor in Chief, writes: “As a regular onlooker and frequent panel member, it becomes easier to detect the winners in the making. One sure sign is the far-away looks that judges emit as they get drawn deeper into the corridors and classrooms that make up the schools and colleges on offer. Another is the excited chatter that bursts out when a hot contender hits the table. But the real defining moment in a session comes when a member of the jury breaks ranks and stakes his colours to the mast and claims, ‘this one does it for me, this is my winner!’ or some such words. It’s a great moment and often a watershed for others to come out and fight for their favourites. On this day, Liverpool won 4:1.”

To see a video of judge’s comments on the winning entry visit:!

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