LJMU's first post-doc knowledge transfer partnership

01 July 2010

LJMU’s School of Sport and Exercise Sciences is to partner with SHOKK Ltd on what will be LJMU’s first post-doctorate Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

SHOKK Ltd is a unique company specialising in physical activity, professional fitness and health for the youth sector that has established itself as the number one youth lifestyle brand, with over 200 facilities worldwide in 20 territories. The SHOKK offering includes a full range of youth fitness and interactive equipment, a wide selection of youth specific training courses, marketing and design services and a choice of clothing and merchandise.

The KTP with LJMU will utilise the competencies and experience of Lee Graves from the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences who recently submitted his doctoral thesis for examination and successfully defended this in May 2010. Lee’s PhD investigated the effect of active video games on physical activity, sedentary behaviour and health in young people.

The KTP programme between LJMU and SHOKK will identify and evaluate scientific evidence to support the implementation of SHOKK products and services and make changes and improvements where appropriate.

The partnership will generate unique data on the physical fitness of local children, helping to improve our understanding of the relationship between physical activity and health outcomes, such as obesity.  This will allow for regional/national comparisons of fitness and inform local behaviour change interventions.

For SHOKK, the project will allow the more effective showcasing of its products and services, more closely aligned with its target markets. The associated product enhancement and greater market penetration will ultimately increase company profit.

Professor Gareth Stratton, Professor of Paediatric Exercise Science and Academic Lead/Director, said: ‘The continuing relationship between LJMU and SHOKK will enable us to use our unique world-leading scientific research approaches to help promote business and further promote effective health and exercise programmes for young people..

Kieran Murphy, SHOKK Marketing Director, said: ‘As a commercial organisation we are really excited about what SHOKK will be able to gain from the KTP process. As we continue to operate in a highly competitive environment, with difficult economic conditions, there is no doubt that market knowledge, understanding and product development will differentiate us. With the resources of LJMU behind us, I have no doubt that the project will play a significant part in our current high growth strategy, increasing profitability and installing a heightened culture of knowledge transfer.’

For more information, contact Jane Townend, Business Development Manager for the Faculty of Science, on:  07968 422286 or email: J.C.Townend@l;jmu.ac.uk

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