Jelly Liverpool

29 September 2010

Jelly Liverpool offers those who work independently or remotely an environment where they can broaden their network whilst continuing with work. It is essentially a free co-working day in a city centre location.

No matter what you do or what you create, you’re welcome to come to Jelly and share your talent and perhaps learn from others. It’s also a very good way to put faces to those you follow on Twitter and more importantly it’s free: free wifi, free desk space and free coffee.

The next Jelly Liverpool is on Thursday 7 October 2010 at Studio 2, Parr St. They'll be there from 9am so come and join in - you never know who you might meet.

If you are a Facebook user then you can sign up for JellyLiverpool. Alternatively you can sign up on the main Jelly Wiki but you will have to sign up to edit the page.

Check out the main Jelly Liverpool page for more information.

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