LJMU statement on activities in Libya

07 March 2011

In response to recent media reports, the LJMU position on our activities with Libya is that everything that we have done has been delivered transparently, at the invitation or with the encouragement and the support of the FCO (through the British Ambassador) and the British Council. 

The planned activities of LJMU were designed to deliver our expertise to improve the position of the Libyan people in health infrastructure and care and the encouragement of private sector job development and Libyan employment opportunities.

It is my understanding that the activities that have involved LJMU are:

In business, our Business School was invited to study and advise the National Economic Development Board on enhancing educational provision in Libya in order to develop the private sector and work opportunities in Libya. The stated purpose of this work was to benefit Libya by increasing business management and business leadership capacity. Only the very first part of this work was undertaken. The work was completed prior to the current situation – no payment was received and no further activity is planned.

In health, the work is being delivered by the Faculty of Health and Applied Social Sciences and relates to the training and development of Libyan Nurses, Doctors and Healthcare staff. All work aims to improve standards of care delivered by Nursing and Healthcare staff in Libya and support strategies to improve patient care.

In response to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the UK Department of Health and the Libyan Ministry of Health, LJMU provided an audit of nursing institutions across Libya as part of a UK consortium. The work was to evaluate the education of the nursing workforce and to make recommendations regarding the education and training needs of nurses and health service administrators with the aim of enhancing the delivery of healthcare and the management of the healthcare system of Libya in the future. This was delivered in May/June 2010. Payment has not been made yet to the lead University. LJMU left the consortium at this stage, leaving the others to continue if they so wished.

We have delivered on one item of contracted business. One 10 day course in Neonatal Intensive Care was delivered to 2 groups of 25 Doctors in November 2010. A certificate of attendance was issued. Payment in full has been made for £14,000. A request for further professional development has been made for Doctors and Nurses in other regions to benefit from other courses. As yet no other courses have been delivered or are planned for delivery. However we are of the view that this further training is badly needed to benefit Libyan people.

Building on the MoU between the UK Government and Libya’s Secretary of State for Education and Scientific Research, a MoU was signed between Alfateh University (formerly Alfateh Medical University) in June 2009 to further education collaboration. A training contract was also agreed in December 2009 to provide a BSc Nursing programme and an MSc Nursing programme to a group of ten nursing students. Ultimately these students will return to work in Alfateh University and develop future generations of Libyan nursing staff. The contract has yet to start and so no payments have been made.

All of these arrangements have been conducted under our normal terms of contract.

As can be seen from the above, the wild press and media speculation about the University receiving huge sums of money from the Libyan Government (originally emanating from a Conservative MP making unjustified statements under the protection of the House of Commons rules) are complete fantasy. In particular, we have no reason to be ashamed of these activities. They have been conducted scrupulously with good partners aiming to improve the situation of the Libyan people and with the full support and encouragement of the UK Government and associated agencies.

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