Online module selection is coming… Are you ready?

11 March 2011

Online Module Selection is only for full-time undergraduate students who need to choose the option modules they want to study next year. So if you are a final year student, a postgraduate or part-time student you can stop reading now.

This year’s Online Module Selection or OMS will take place between Monday 21 March and Friday 8 April.

An email will be sent to every student who needs to take part in OMS on Monday 21 March; that’s why it’s vital that you check your LJMU email account regularly.

Be prepared

OMS is really easy and as its name suggests, is completed online, simply by clicking a link in an email. So you’ll be able do it at time and place that suits you; while you are at LJMU or from the comfort of home – in fact anywhere with an internet connection.

But before you go anywhere near a computer you will have to do some preparation first.

You need to talk to your programme leader or module tutors to find out what option modules are being offered next year as part of your course and more importantly which ones are appropriate to your specific programme or route of study.

You also need to identify which modules you need to study in order to meet the qualifying criteria for any professional accreditations associated with your course.

Don’t assume you know what the modules will be based on what has been offered before. That’s because the majority of modules on most courses have been changed as part of the development of LJMU’s new Academic Framework. Most are now 24 credit year-long modules; all will have new titles and new module codes. That’s why you need to talk to your tutors. They will be able to give you up-to-date information on what is covered on each module.

Do your homework now and you will avoid having to re-register for all your modules when you come back to LJMU in September 2011. Incorrect registration will also delay your loan payments, so mistakes could cost you time and money.

So don’t forget to check your LJMU email account on Monday 21 March to see if you are taking part in OMS this year.

A full list of participating programmes/levels will be published online soon.

If you have any queries about Online Module Selection, email:

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