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04 April 2011

The foundations of the present-day LJMU are rooted in the city colleges founded by some of the great visionary educationalists of the early twentieth century, such as Fanny Calder and Irene M Marsh. Their spirit and ethos has survived and thrived, through several subsequent relocations and renaissances, as founding buildings have been overtaken by student numbers and new teaching and research methods.

Given the important developments of the Knowledge Quarter in the city centre and the quality of the buildings now available in that precinct, there is the exciting opportunity to move the Faculty of Education, Community and Leisure from Aigburth to join the rest of the University, and to close the IM Marsh site. We have been operating from this campus for almost one hundred years and we have always played a significant role in the local community. We will not be moving overnight - the relocation of a Faculty must be planned sensibly and with due respect to the academic calendar so we will still have a number of years at the site.

The ten-year £180m Capital Development Programme was initiated in 2003, with the aim of developing the University’s three campuses to meet the requirements of both today’s and tomorrow’s staff, students and industry.

Significant capital resource has been committed to major building projects, such as the state-of-the-art Tom Reilly Building at Byrom Street, the Art and Design Academy and the Redmonds’ Building which is emerging on the site of the former College of Building on Clarence Street, as well as the essential maintenance, refurbishment and services upgrades across the Estate. There has also been a focus on reducing the University’s ‘carbon footprint’, to reduce energy use and associated costs.

We can now develop enough capacity in our city-based campuses to accommodate the entire Faculty in high quality accommodation which will create further opportunities to foster synergies with academic colleagues and to make more efficient use of the specialist facilities within the city.

Now that the decision has been taken to close the site, the University’s Master Planning Group will be drawing up a comprehensive schedule and timeline to move the Faculty into the city centre.  In the meantime, and to keep momentum at IM Marsh, a £300k programme of refurbishment and upgrade is planned to start this summer.

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