8 July deadline for student records check

03 June 2011

An extraordinary SIMG meeting was held last week to outline the final checks required to ensure that all relevant student data is successfully migrated from OSS onto the new Student Information System.

Most Faculties were represented at the meeting along with Library and Student Support, Student Advice and Wellbeing,the Research and Graduate Office, the Collaborative Partnerships team and the Academic Enhancement Unit, reflecting just how vital it is to the University to make sure the move from one student system to another goes as smoothly as possible.

Derek Hendy (PLN) and Jane Broad (PLN) led the presentation, responding to wide range of questions during the two hour meeting. To see a copy of the SIS Cutover Presentation click here.

Detailed guidance, including FAQs will be sent to all attendees and published on the website very soon. In the meantime, here is a brief summary of what needs to be completed by 8 July.

What is the cutover deadline?

At the close of business on 8 July, all student data that meets the specified migration criteria (see below) will be copied from OSS and migrated onto SIS.

What happens if I miss the deadline?

If student records are not in the correct status by close of business on 8 July, they will not be migrated onto SIS. There is no quick or easy fix to identify or upload missing records. This will be a time consuming manual process requiring all data (including the complete academic history) to be inputted onto SIS again from scratch. That’s why it is vital that all data is accurate before the 8 July cutover deadline.

What are the key migration criteria?

Any data relating to the student population will be migrated provided it relates to active students as defined by:

  • Programme attempt status (inactive, enrolled, intermit)
  • Nominated completion year, which must be greater than 2011

If these two criteria are met all current and historical data for an active programme attempt will be migrated – this includes module enrolments, module marks/grades, level mean marks, advanced standing and transfer history, etc.

What do I have to do to make sure student data is migrated?

The cutover data checks are no different to the usual post-PAB processing that is done every year. What is different this year is that this all needs to have been completed by 8 July.

How can I track which records meet the criteria?

A report listing students in the population will be available via the Web Hub, updated 3 times a week from 2 June until 8 July so that staff can track which records meet the migration criteria.

What about marks and grades arising from the September PABs?

During the week beginning 12 September all marks and grades entered on OSS will be migrated across to SIS after the PABs. This migration will capture all marks and grades entered for the 2010/2011 academic year not just those relating to the summer calendar or referrals. However, no other student data will be migrated at this time and that’s why it is essential that all data is checked and updated according to the migration criteria by the 8 July deadline.

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