New GDC careers and employability videos online now

26 September 2011

The Graduate Development Centre has added a host of new careers and employability videos to the WoW website, YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Image of screen grab of WoW  videoA new animation explains all you need to know about LJMU’s WoW Programme, including information about work related learning, graduate skills and the World of Work (WoW) Skills Certificate.

Any students with aspirations to become a solicitor, teacher or journalist should check out the four WoW in Conversation videos. Leading local employers talk about the application and recruitment process, what they would expect to see on a student’s CV and why the WoW Skills Certificate demonstrates that a student is serious about a career in their sector.

There are also videos featuring LJMU students from across the Faculties and subject areas, talking about why they took the WoW Skills Certificate, what they think it will bring to them and their CV, how it has improved their confidence and the benefits for LJMU students who get involved.

You can view the videos on the following links:

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