LJMU/Lifestyles Fitness Update

27 October 2011

Since launching the LJMU/Lifestyles scheme at the beginning of the semester, staff and students have enjoyed using the facilities and the scheme is clearly a great success.

Image of Pool at Wavertree Aquatics CentreIt is important to remember that the free off-peak membership does come with some restrictions and from 31 October onwards users will only be able to use gym facilities up to 3.30pm.

If you want to use these facilities after 4.00pm, you will need to upgrade to one of the discounted peak rate membership options. Full details are available online at the LJMU Sports webpages or from Lifestyles Fitness Centre reception staff.

Access to facilities is closely monitored by Lifestyles staff and you will be asked to leave if you abuse your free off-peak membership. So to avoid any potentially embarrassing situations please don't arrive after 3.30pm expecting to get a work-out.

Image of Everton Park Lifestyles signThe LJMU/Lifestyles sports facilities offer has proved so popular that the city centre gym at Millennium House is almost at capacity during peak times. Staff and students are asked to use alternative facilities during the day to ensure access. LJMU membership allows access to all Lifestyles sports centres and the centre at Everton is not only within easy reach of the city centre, it also has free parking.

The University has negotiated this scheme to ensure that all staff and students can enjoy free or greatly reduced membership to all Lifestyles facilities. So please be mindful about how you use the facilities.

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