Philip Green awarded Honorary Fellowship

01 December 2009

JMUp IN(tegrated) Dance Company to share its practice in support of International Day of Disabled Persons.

JMUp IN(tegrated) Dance is a CETL-supported project in the Dance department at LJMU.  The company is based at the IM Marsh campus and consists of students from all three levels of the BA (Hons) Dance Studies degree programme, plus participants from the community. 

Half of the company have a range of disabilities and the project’s goal is to celebrate each person’s specific ways of moving, as well as their unique personalities. Rather than work around participants’ particular limitations, the company attempts to find distinct abilities in their dancers' bodies, minds and social interactions, in order to explore the artistic possibilities that can evolve from these differences. 

The aim of JMUp IN is to develop a learning community and to bring a sense of shared practices and values to a central environment.  This has enabled LJMU Dance students to learn from their own experiences and be less reliant on the experiences of others from textbook scenarios.

After a successful period of development in 2008/09 the project is in its next stage of growth where a second ‘company’ has recruited for this coming season. Members of the new company will be carrying out a series of workshops with a hundred young persons with disabilities for International Day of Disabled Persons at the Greenbank Sports Academy on 3 December 2009.  The existing company will be performing a section of their latest work, a piece by Stephanie Bairét (an LJMU Dance graduate and Assistant Director of the company). 

It is hoped that the workshops will inspire confidence and that company members will serve as positive role models for others wanting to engage in dance activities.  Like its sister company JMUpstart, this company enables students to take the wonderful breadth of their degree programme experiences and transfer them to other contexts.

The company is still accepting applications (in the first instance) for this season’s project, from any person with a disability.  For further information and an application process pack, please contact Darren Carr, Senior Lecturer in Dance, email: or telephone 0151 231 5212.

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