Calling all students - LJMU needs your views

23 March 2012

We are currently reviewing the LJMU website and we want you to tell us what you think about it. Can you spare a bit of time to give us your honest opinions about the website and let us know which webpages you find useful?

A couple of staff from LJMU's Marketing department will be running focus groups in each Learning Resource Centre next week. We will be looking in particular, at Faculty webpages so you just need to check the date and time for your Faculty session and register.

Faculty of Technology and Environment
Date: 26 March 2012    Time: 11.30am 
Location: Avril Robarts Learning Resource Centre, Ground Floor Seminar Room

If you would like to come along, please complete the form here and we will contact you to confirm your attendance. The focus group will last less than an hour and you will receive £5.00 in print credits for taking part.

Remember, we will be looking at Faculty webpages so you just need to check the time and date for your HOME FACULTY and register for it.

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