Important information: changes to student finance payment date

16 March 2012

If you receive money to cover your living expenses from the Student Loans Company (this may be a maintenance loan, maintenance grant or any grants for dependants) you will receive your third and final payment for this academic year on Monday 2 April 2012.

For most LJMU students this date is earlier than advertised, which means you will receive your student funding sooner than expected. Each student affected by this change will be contacted direct by the Student Loans Company.

Getting your student funding early shouldn't cause you any problems if you budget properly. That's why LJMU strongly recommends that you check payment dates for any financial commitments you may have, such as rent, childcare or mortgage payments as a matter of urgency. You should then set aside enough money to meet these commitments and adjust your budget accordingly.

All LJMU-approved student accommodation providers (except Opal properties) have adjusted their rent due dates so you can pay your rent as soon as you receive your student loan instalment. LJMU has written to all students living in Opal properties to outline what steps they need to take in order to pay their rent on time.

Further information
If you have any further queries relating to your student loan payment, please contact the Student Advice team, call: 0151 904 6056/6057 or email:

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