Get help with alumni relations

14 May 2012

The Alumni Relations Team can help you with your graduate relations.

Encourage your graduates to register with the LJMU Alumni Association and maintain future contact with them. Your School/Centre will benefit as the Alumni Relations Team can contact them easily on your behalf. We can inform them about, for example, visiting speakers, World of Work Skills Certificate interviewers, support networking meetings and events with future undergraduates.
The Alumni Relations Team will do the work, keeping in touch through regular e-newsletters about LJMU activities. The graduates will benefit from access to the LJMU vacancy website, life-long careers support, invitations to networking events and more. 
If you would like to discuss this in greater detail or invite a member of the Alumni Relations Team to attend 2012 leaving/graduation events to promote the Alumni Association, please contact Alumni Relations Manager, Mark Williams, call: 0151 231 3370 or email:


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