Participants needed for LJMU Facilitating Healthy Ageing Project

29 May 2012

Liverpool John Moores University is looking for people interested in meditation or cognitive training to take part in two separate research studies.

Adults aged 55 to 75 are invited to take part in a research study called 'Facilitating Healthy Ageing: Neuroprotective Effects of Cognitive Training'. This study is looking at the effects of two types of cognitive training on cognitive abilities that may weaken as we age and the brain activity related to this. Participants will be randomly assigned to a mindfulness meditation group, a 'brain training' activity group or a control group.

Participants should be willing and be able to attend LJMU on six occasions to have their brain activity monitored while they complete questionnaires and tests of attention (2 sessions) and attend sessions related to their cognitive training exercises (4 sessions). Participants will receive cognitive training and gift vouchers worth £40 as a thank you for their involvement with the study.

For further information about these studies and to find out if you are eligible to take part, visit:

Alternatively, call Bethan Mead on 0151 904 6322 or email:  

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