LJMU student’s fog photo causes social media storm

11 January 2013

Worldwide interest has been generated in a picture of Liverpool’s iconic building, taken by an LJMU international Journalism student.

Ida Husoy, a 20 year old Norwegian second year student on the International Journalism programme at LJMU, has gained social media acclaim with her waterfront fog picture.

Ida from Drammen, close to Oslo, and photo editor of the jmu-journalism, the University's journalism website, was in the process of covering another story when she took the photo from her apartment, on the 30th floor of the West Tower, on the waterfront.

"I was sitting in my bedroom, looking towards the window, so I just took the picture. It just saw it as a nice picture, but it was the fog that made it phenomenal. People are already saying it looks like an image from the Day After Tomorrow, and Hogwarts.

Image of Ida's photo of Liver Building in fog"I took the picture on my IPhone 4S about 11.30 in the morning, as there was fog everywhere,"she said. "Within hours there were more than a thousand people who were posting the image on Twitter and Facebook, without crediting me as having taken it.

"I posted it on Instagram with a link to Twitter, and that's when it took off. People started posting the picture without crediting me. When I posted it on Facebook, it went crazy. I responded to about a thousand tweets in four hours replying to people who said what a great picture it was."

She's since been interviewed by the newspapers she worked for in Norway,  Drammen Tidende and Tonsbergs Blad, and her image may now appear in UK national newspapers.

Read the full Liverpool Echo story at:

Information about the International Journalism BA (Hons), BA at LJMU:

Ida Husoy's profile on JMU Journalism: http://jmu-journalism.org.uk/international-profile-ida-husoy/

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