Liverpool Law Review Annual Lecture

09 November 2007

The Liverpool Law Review Lecture, 16th in this annual series, was delivered on Friday 2 November by the Right Honourable, The Lord Mance.

Lord Mance, a Lord of Appeal of the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords (the UK's highest court) chose as his title: "Human Rights, Privacy and the Public Interest - who draws the line and where."

The Moot Room at John Foster Building saw a capacity crowd there to hear Lord Mance. Staff, students and leading Liverpool lawyers were treated to a masterly exposition of the area, citing cases and legislation from an array of jurisdictions, not just England and Wales. His talk inspired a highly informed question and answer session before the reception to which all those attending were invited.

The evening was chaired by Professor Michael Brown DL and Lord Mance was welcomed and introduced by Professor Philip Love CBE DL, High Sheriff of Merseyside.

Lord Mance is married to Dame Mary Arden who, as Lady Justice Arden, sits as a judge of the Court of Appeal. Dame Mary (then a High Court Judge and Chairman of the Law Commission) gave the 1997 Annual Lecture and, in 2006, received an Honorary Fellowship from LJMU. Dame Mary was also present together with family and friends locally.

Huw Thomas, LLR Treasurer and organizer of the series, said: "Lord Mance is regarded as one of the most eminent lawyers of his generation and it's a great privilege to have him visit the Law School and Faculty. It's also a great opportunity for students to meet lawyers right at the pinnacle of the profession - it's a real inspiration to them." 

The Liverpool Law Review has evolved into a Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues and, although now part of the giant Springer Publishing Group, editorial production remains at LJMU's School of Law.

Huw Thomas added: "LJMU is one of a very few universities to lay claim to an international legal journal of its own. It is a source of pride and considerable prestige. Lord Mance's lecture will appear in a future edition and a contribution such as this not only enhances the reputation of the Liverpool Law Review but also the whole series of annual lectures."

Pictured: Lord Mance and Huw Thomas

Liverpool Law Review Annual Lecture is sponsored by Solicitors DWF and Renault UK Ltd.

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