NSO nominated for an 'Arthur'

28 March 2008

Sir Arthur Clarke Award for NSO

Sir Arthur C ClarkeLJMU's National Schools' Observatory has been nominated for the 2008 Sir Arthur Clarke Awards.

These prestigious awards, also known as the 'Arthurs', are the space equivalent of the Oscars. With the recent death of author Sir Arthur, best known for '2001: A Space Odyssey', this year's awards have particular significance. Other prominent nominees include Stephen Hawking, Piers Sellers and Sir Richard Branson.

The National Schools' Observatory (NSO) is shortlisted for the Outreach Award for the Public Promotion of Space. Nominated by members of the public, the NSO is breaking new ground as shortlisted entries for the Award usually consist of individuals rather than organisations.

Harnessing the power of LJMU's Liverpool Telescope, one of the world's largest robotic telescopes, the NSO allows over 500 UK schools to access images from the skies, bringing space exploration to classrooms across the country.

Both primary and secondary schools have benefited from the project, with teachers using the NSO to help plan lessons for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 science, GCSE Science, Additional Science and Astronomy, and sixth form physics.

Dr Andy Newsam, Director of the NSO, said: "The Sir Arthur Clarke Awards are held in great esteem and it is a huge honour to have been nominated. It was a fantastic surprise when we heard the news and we are very flattered."

The winners of the Sir Arthur Clarke Awards will be announced at a glittering awards ceremony this Saturday, 29 March 2008.

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