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The emergence of China as a major trading nation and a global actor has attracted much attention from academics, policy-makers, journalists and business leaders. As the existing superpower in the world, how does the United States perceive and respond to the rise of China? Can the US and China co-operate with each other in promoting peace and prosperity in a globalising world? Can they build ‘a new model of great power relationship’ despite their competition in the Asia-Pacific region?

These and other important questions were addressed in a guest lecture given by an eminent US scholar, Professor Sam Zhao, at the Liverpool Screen School in Redmonds Building.

Image of Professr Zhao delivering guest lecture at LJMUProfessor Zhao is Director of the Center for China-US Cooperation at Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver and a Research Associate at the Fairbanks Center for East Asian Research, Harvard University. Drawing on his research and expertise, Professor Zhao gave an engaging lecture to an audience of BA and MA International Journalism/International Relations students, PhD students and academic staff.

Professor Sam Zhao is one of the leading American scholars in US-China relations, serving on a number of national committees on Asian affairs in the US. He is highly respected in both the academic and policy communities in America, Europe and Asia.

Professor Roger Webster, Dean of Faculty of Arts, Professional and Social Studies, introduced Professor Zhao and later commented on the event:

"I found this a fascinating lecture, Professor Zhao spoke for over an hour with a wide range of students and staff, and offered a series of stimulating, original and provocative ideas around China-US relations which were relevant to many disciplines in the Faculty.

“It was a privilege to introduce and host a truly international authority on this topic, and it helped to promote the Faculty’s international agenda, especially with regard to China where we now have a number of significant partnerships."

Dr Rex Li, Reader in International Relations and Programme Leader for the MA International Journalism and MA International News Journalism programmes, added:

"Professor Zhao is a popular guest speaker in the field of China studies and International Relations. We were fortunate to have been able to invite him over to LJMU to share his extensive knowledge of US-China relations with us."

"The topic he spoke on was of enormous importance, as we are a close ally of the United States and are also expanding our relations with China, especially in trade and education. Whether and to what extent America and China are able to maintain a stable and co-operative relationship will have significant implications for the UK."


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