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Grant success and post-doc opportunity: captive primate welfare research.

 LJMU has been awarded £75,000 by the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs). 

The funding was one of 20 grants awarded by the NC3Rs as part of a £4.8million funding programme to support work that will help replace and reduce animal use in science and improve animal welfare.

Dr Emily Bethell, School of Natural Sciences and Psychology, is leading LJMU’s research programme, which is being run in partnership with the Medical Research Council and University of Roehampton.

Image of two red-faced primatesShe said:

"Establishing measures of psychological wellbeing in captive non-human primates remains an ongoing challenge for researchers and animal welfare campaigners alike. The long term goal is to ultimately stop using animals in scientific research but until this happens we need to improve the welfare of captive animals.

"Techniques used with humans have shown that changes in underlying emotional state are reflected in changes in cognitive and attentional processes. By developing a state-of the-art hand-held technology to measure cognitive and attentional processes in non-human primates we will be able to provide animal care staff with an accessible means of assessing the wellbeing of animals in their care."

Commenting on the overall research programme, NC3Rs Board Chairman and asthma expert Professor Stephen Holgate said:

"These awards demonstrate the ingenuity of the UK’s scientific sector to develop smart approaches which reduce the reliance on animal use and further improve welfare practices across many different research areas."

LJMU is currently recruiting a Post-Doctoral Researcher to work on this exciting project. For further information visit the webpage

Image of NC3Rs logoFurther information about the research project is available here

Pictured: Rhesus macaques are a widely used primate model in biomedical research (credited to: Alexander Georgiev)


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