Formulation and Drug Delivery Research

research in pharmacy and biomolecular sciences


For maximum efficacy, drugs need to be appropriately formulated to be effectively delivered to the body with minimal side effects. Different types of drug delivery systems exist such as: tablets, capsules, powders, suspension or solutions, some of which can be composed of micro- or nano- particles.

The Formulation and Drug Delivery Research Group is one of the largest research groups within the school of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences and brings together researchers in chemistry, biomaterials, pharmaceutics and biological sciences encouraging a multidisciplinary approach to research.

The focus of this group is towards the successful delivery of therapeutic agents in a controlled and targeted manner and the development of advanced delivery systems for a variety of applications. Projects ranging from fundamental science to industrially relevant applications are undertaken by postgraduate students and researchers within the group.

A poster outlining some of our current work can be viewed here [Follow this link to view poster]

The group are active members of the Medical Sciences and Therapeutics network of the LJMU Institute for Health Research, a cross-faculty institute which focuses on health and health related research and collaborations within and externally to LJMU

The group has a large number of collaborative projects with the chemical and Pharmaceutical industries, and with other universities in Europe and the USA. Industrial collaborations include Colorcon, Gatefosse, Rockwood.

Academic collaborations are numerous; examples across the UK include University of Cambridge; Liverpool School of Tropical medicine; University of Manchester, Nottingham University, and further afield we collaborate with; University of Camerino, Italy.

We also collaborate with local NHS trusts; for example Liverpool Woman’s Hospital and a very successful collaboration between Prof. Jim Ford and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool has resulted in over £380K in joint funding since 2009 to support projects on; Manipulation of ‘adult’ dosage forms for accurate administration of doses to children, Liver Fibrosis and Insulin adsorption and stability. Other collaborative projects focus on; Assessment of medicine delivery to children, Drug delivery and formulation for children and Medicine manipulation for children.

Formulation and Drug Delivery Team Photo

Some current members of the Formulation and Drug Delivery group
From left to right (back: Lyn Rostron, Faiezah Mohamed, Lia Pulcini, Kumar Khamar, Nitesh Kunda, Dr Gillian Hutcheon and Sikander Sharma. Front: Ryan Hamilton, Dr Matt Roberts, Dr Elsie Gaskell and Dr Linda Seton)

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