Tom Reilly Building

Tom Reilly Building

Designed by architects Austin Smith Lord Liverpool, and completed November 2009, the Tom Reilly Building provides world-class  sports & science facilities.

The state-of-the-art building, which houses the School of Sports and Exercise Sciences and the School of Natural Sciences and Psychology, offers some of the best facilities in the world. These include appetite laboratories, psychology testing labs, neuroscience labs, an indoor 70-metre running track, force plates, caren disc, physiology suites, a DEXA scanner for measuring body fat, muscles and bone density, caren disc, a driving simulator and a chronobiology lab.

LJMU named the facility after the late Professor Tom Reilly, known as the ‘Father of the Science of Football.’ He was the UK’s first Professor of Sports Science and a plaque was unveiled in his honour by his wife and daughters, Jill, Anna and Siobhán Reilly.

Building Data


Building Address Byrom St L3 5AF Gross Floor Area 6493 Sq M
Number of Floors 5
Building Date 2009 Help Desk City Campus

School of Sport and Exercise Sciences
School of Natural Sciences and Psychology
Faculty of Science


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