James Parsons Building

James Parsons Building

This large building accommodates the Faculty of Science & part of the Faculty of Technology & Environment

This University site is located on Byrom Street. It is named after George Byrom, a pavier and builder, who had a yard nearby. The former names 'Towns End' or 'Dog Kennel Lane' were derived from both the name for the end of Dale St, and from the neighbouring kennels of the Corporation supported pack of hounds.

Built in three phases in 1960, 1966 and 1970 the building has been extensively modernised internally & externally. There are well equiped laboratories, I.T suites, lecture theatres, and specialist research facilities.

James Parsons was the last rector of the Liverpool Polytechnic.

Building Data

Building Address Byrom Street L3 3AF Gross Floor Area 29833 Sq M
Number of Floors Max 13 Net Floor Area 20368 Sq M
Building Date 1960-1970  City Campus Help Desk   


Wheelchair access is available to most parts of the building. Facilities include:

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