John Foster Building

John Foster Building

This range of buildings on the south side of Mount Pleasant houses the:

Faculty of Arts, Professional and Social Studies 

Formerly the Notre Dame Convent and School. It is partly a Listed Building ( Grade II ) and stands in the Mount Pleasant Conservation Area. The centre piece of the building is the former chapel with a slender spire ( with the JMU bird weather vane ), and with attractive Victorian stained glass windows in the apse.

John Foster junior ( c.1786-1846 ) lived at 82 Mount Pleasant which is now part of the Business School. He was Liverpool Corporation Surveyor from 1824 to 1835, and the architect of St Andrews Church, Rodney St ( 1823 ). As a student he was described by Professor Cockerall as :-" a most amazing youth, but too idle to be anything more than a dinner companion".

Building Data

Building Address 80-98 Mount Pleasant L3 5UZ Gross Floor Area 15427 Sq M
Number of Floors 5
Building Date 1850 - 1870 Mount Pleasant Help Desk


John Foster building is partially accessible.However, the floors are split level and routes between rooms may frequently involve leaving and re-entering the building at different exits and entrances.Facilities include:

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