Postgraduate funding sources

The following is a guide to possible sources of funding for Postgraduate Studies. The main awarding bodies are the Research Councils, but awards may also be available from Trusts and Charities or National Bodies and Government Departments. There is also the possibility of industry sponsorship as well as bank loan schemes and Career Development Loans. A more complete list of funding opportunities can be found in the PROSPECTS Postgraduate Funding Guide. Further sources are the Grants Register, published annually by Palgrave Macmillan. Another useful source of information is the Directory of Grant Making Trusts, published annually by the Directory of Social Change.

Further details relating to Research Councils, Trusts and Charities, National Bodies and Government Departments can be found in this document.

As well as the better known sources, also to be considered are Alternative Sources of Funding

Further opportunities can also be found:

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