Research Ethics

Liverpool John Moores University is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in the research undertaken by its staff and students.

Research ethics ensures the safety, dignity and rights of research participants whilst providing assurance that research is being conducted within an ethical framework as outlined in LJMU Code of Practice for Research

It is a fundamental requirement of LJMU that all projects undertaken by University staff or students using human subjects as participants receive approval from an appropriate LJMU REC or a Health Research Authority Ethics Committee before any recruitment commences. Please note that where approval is sought via the Health Research Authority applicants must also complete an LJMU Research Governance Proforma which must be submitted to the LJMU REC on receipt of confirmation of full, unconditional ethical approval from the Health Research Authority .

Ethical approval is required for all research projects involving human participants, not simply for clinical trials or other invasive studies. Studies involving the administration of questionnaires or the use of interviews, observations and focus groups must also obtain appropriate ethical approval.

If the requisite approval is not secured, your research may not be covered under the University's insurance policies 

For further information on submitting your proposal click here 

For further information and advice on the use of invasive procedures in teaching practice click here 


Page last modified 06 February 2015.

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