Coursework Submission

If your modules contain any coursework element you will be given submission deadline dates by the module leaders.  Other details concerning the manner of the coursework will also be given to you and it is your responsibility to check that you fully comply with the conditions prior to submission. Check the following

  • When is the coursework due in – date and time? Don’t get caught out!
  • Are there any restrictions on the length of the work? (The word count facility is available in the Tools menu on Word)
  • Are there any restrictions on the format of the work e.g line spacing, referencing method?

Information about this will be in your module handbook

Handing in coursework

Coursework can be handed in before the due date if completed early and should be handed in at a Student Administration Centre. All submissions must include the Coursework Submission cover sheet, obtainable at the Student Administration Centre which outlines all information required to process students’ assignments (Student ID number, Module code and Tutor’s name). You may also need to add a word count.

Coursework may be handed in at the Student Administration Centre during our regular Opening Hours.

Late Submission of Coursework

You will need to hand in an authorised extension form to the Student Administration Centre with your work. The extension should be signed by the module leader before the original hand-in date.

Coursework extension forms can be downloaded here.

Extenuating Circumstances (EC)

There are times when your performance may be severely affected by difficult and unexpected personal circumstances, such as sudden acute illness or close personal bereavement. If you feel this has happened to you, then you are strongly advised to seek advice and guidance from your personal tutor or other appropriate academic staff. Independent advice and guidance can be obtained from Liverpool Students Union on 0151 231 4900.

The full procedure for EC submission is available on the website for Student Policy and Regulation website together with a downloadable EC form. Completed EC forms should be submitted to a Student Administration Centre.

Page last modified 21 May 2014.

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