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Carbon Footprinting

It is easy to say: "I'll get cavity wall insulation" or "I'll completely double glaze my house" - but until you know your carbon output, you won't be able to judge the scale of improvements to the efficiency of the building.

This is where carbon foot printing comes in, there are many ways to do it, ranging from the very academic to web based programs that run off published data and allow you to input your own figures. The answer is usually in tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) produced.

Why not find out how much it costs to offset and make yourself carbon neutral.

Carbon footprint facts

  • Two return flights: Heathrow to Athens: 2,587kg
  • Motorist driving 10,000 miles each year: 3,600kg
  • Electricity use of a house with average annual bill of £349: 1,700kg
  • Gas use of a house with UK average bill of £539: 4900kg
  • Average family use: 10,983kg
  • Target use: 2,500kg


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