Green Energy

At Liverpool John Moores University we strive to purchase power that is derived from renewable sources.

Bob Steventon, LJMU's own Energy and Environment Manager explains about the supply of electricity at 16 of its smaller contracts (less than 100kW of maximum demand).

Green Electricity

  • Liverpool John Moores University purchases electricity from renewable source
  • Using e-procurement tendering arrangement (paper free tender) the University tendered for electricity for all of its smaller contract sites
  • Around 15% of the Universities electricity (2,900,000 kWh) is purchased and supplied from sustainable sources
  • This represents a reduction of around 1,250,200kg or CO2 emissions
  • All future tenders will try where possible to buy electrical energy derived from sustainable sources
  • In the future LJMU will push to increase its green energy usage, and reduce its fossil fuel energy consumption

    Purchasing green energy is in line with the aims and objectives of the LJMU Environmental Policy and its commitment to the corporate and social responsibility of the organisation. 

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