Topping up a 3rd party ViP account

Using the third party login option, it is possible to update a 3rd party ViP account, such as your son or daughter, using the following details

Stage 1: Enter the person's details

  1. Go to the Virtual Purse home page, and click Third Party Login
  2. Enter the person's LJMU email address and their date of birth and click Login
  3. After verifying you have entered the correct persons detils, click on Confirm and continue

Stage 2: Select the amount to top up by

  1. From the drop down list, select the amount you wish to top up buy, then click Purchase. Please note there is a maximum limit of £25 you can have in the ViP account. 
  2. A confirmation screen will appear - click Pay Now to continue or Cancel to return to the Welcome screen

Stage 3: Enter your credit card details

  1. Enter the full details of your credit / debit card as requested.
  2. Click Next, your details will be displayed. To complete the payment click Make Payment. Alternatively click Back to amend the details or Cancel to return to the Virtual Purse Welcome page. You will receive an email confirming payment, and the person whose account you have added credit to will also receive an email confirmation. In the unlikely event of a transaction failing, please refer to one of our Libraries.   

Please note: any balance left at the end of your studies is non refundable.

Page last modified 01 July 2013.

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