Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about Blackboard. If the issue you are encountering isn't listed below, please use the help links in the menu for more advice.

Note: Learning Technology Help Pages
If you are looking for support information on Learning Technologies please refer to the New Help Tab in Blackboard. Please Login to Blackboard and Click on the help tab to view this resource.

Q. Why can’t I log in to Blackboard?

A. If you are new to LJMU, have you activated your account? Are you using the correct password? Don't forget that when you change your LJMU password you also need to use this new password when you log in to Blackboard. Additionally, your password may have expired. Go to https://myaccount.ljmu.ac.uk/ for help in activating your account or changing your password. If the problem persists, visit your LRC Support Zone or fill out the online help form.

Q. I can't access Blackboard through my web browser. Am I using the right one?

Please use the Browser checker on the Blackboard Welcome page to check the compatibility of your system.
To use Blackboard, you must have a compatible operating system and browser configuration. A comprehensive list of browser compatibility can be found here.

Q. I'm trying to access Blackboard through my employers network (e.g. the NHS), and am unable to connect.

A. This is a problem that is caused by your employer restricting site access via a Firewall, which, unfortunately is beyond LJMU’s control. LJMU provides access to Blackboard from Off Campus via the Off Campus Applications service, full details of which are available here.

Contact your employers Computing Helpdesk, or network technician to discuss what options are available. You can also seek help through the LJMU Off-Campus Support service, email Off-Campus@ljmu.ac.uk.

Q. Why isn't a module that I'm studying displayed under "My Current Modules" when I log in to Blackboard.

A. In order for a module that you are studying to be displayed in your list you must be enrolled on the module and your lecturer must have chosen to make the module available to students. First check whether your lecturer is using Blackboard for the module and that she/has made it available to students. If this is the case, contact your LRC Support Zone to ensure that you are fully enrolled for the module. (Please note: At the end of the time period for a module, it will move from “My Current Modules” to “All My Modules”, which you can access via the Modules tab).

Q. There seems to be a problem with the Blackboard service.

A. Contact your LRC Student Zone for further information, or if you are a member of staff, contact a member of the learning technology team via the following web form.

Q. I need help in designing and using Blackboard for teaching in my module.

A. Please contact a member of the learning technology team via the following web form for advice, alternatively browse the Blackboard Help tab for any relevant guides. (For information about scheduled CPD sessions, please contact Liz Menzie: E.N.Menzie@ljmu.ac.uk in the Academic Enhancement Unit).

Page last modified 28 February 2014.

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