Usernames and Passwords

In order to login to the Blackboard environment, you need a valid username and password.

The username and password you use in Blackboard are your LJMU username and password.

If you are new to LJMU, you will need to activate your account before using it to access Blackboard.

To activate your LJMU account

To log in to Blackboard

  • Connect to the internet and go to the LJMU Blackboard Home page (


    Choose one of the alternative methods (See Accessing Blackboard at LJMU)

    You will be taken to the Welcome to LJMU Virtual Learning Environment page, as shown right)

  • To login, enter your LJMU username and password in the box displayed and click on Login

If you have successfully logged in, you will now see the Blackboard My LJMU page.

Image of Blackboard Interface

If you have problems logging in

  • Check whether you have entered the correct username and passworrd. (The password is case sensitive). Re-enter the correct username and password, then click on Login.
  • Ensure that your password has not expired. (LJMU passwords expire every 60 days). If your password has expired, go to and follow the online instructions to change your password.

Page last modified 28 February 2014.

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