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08 March 2006

Human-computer interaction workshops and exhibition

LJMU’s School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences are working in collaboration with FACT for an exhibition that explores new methods of human-computer interaction.

An unforgettable presentation of interactivity and user-friendliness will take over FACT’s Media Lounge from 31 March – 28 May. The aim of the EPSRC funded project is to encourage public engagement with science.

Artworks created by Caen Botto, Josh Nimoy and Simon Poulter represent research undertaken by the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, on how humans use and interact with computers.

Sound-based software toys, an ATM for the history of ideas and low-tech motion sensors with which to connect to virtual worlds are some of the solutions they suggested to bridge the gap between humans and 'the machine'

As well as the exhibition, there are a number of free workshops aimed at people of all ages to celebrate National Science Week.

Saturday 11 March
11.00 - 4.00pm
American artist Josh Nimoy will guide you through his ‘Mixed Hello’. Visitors will have great fun using their own shadows to play games on a projected screen, move shapes across the wall or dance with stars.

Saturday 18 March
11.00 - 4.00pm
Dive into a virtual universe and be part of a giant music instrument created by Argentina’s Caen Botto. Build and explore motion and sound sensors that react to your voice, hands and feet. Explore a world where every movement produces a musical note, an opportunity to create your own symphony.

For further information contact: David England, tel: 231 2271, email: or Karen Hickling, tel: 707 4408, email:

Visit the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences hci website at:

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