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When it comes to Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, scientific recruitment company, SCI Search and Selection understands the many benefits that can be gained from tapping into the expertise of a local university.

Now that their two-year programme with the School of Computing and Mathematical Science at LJMU has come to an end, SCI is already reaping the benefits. The aim of the project, led by Dr Martin Hanneghan - Head of Enterprise within the School - was to provide SCI with a Knowledge Base system that could capture the CV matching and selection process of recruitment consultants, in order to provide greater speed and accuracy.

SCI had no in-house expertise and was using off-theshelf software solutions that had reached their limit of capacity. In order for the company to grow any further, the managing director, Craig Hewett, identified that a significant new IT implementation would be needed. LJMU was selected as the best provider to deliver the expertise needed to introduce the system and a Knowledge Transfer Partnership was chosen by the company as the most suitable method of working with the university.

The entire solution has now been delivered and is already providing SCI with the competitive advantage of speed of delivery and quality of CVs provided to clients. CV registrations have increased more than tenfold in the last 12 months, but no further administration staff have been required. To add to this, the company has also increased turnover three-fold and seen a 500% increase in profitability in the past two years.

Craig Hewett of SCI said: “We could not have reached this superb growth without the expertise gained from LJMU and through our associate, Guy Pilkington. The close working relationship developed with the University has also helped SCI in many other areas, and we plan to continue the relationship through our partnership in a new spin-in company. Knowledge Transfer Partnership projects can deliver great benefits to growing business and I would not hesitate to recommend the scheme to other companies.”

As a result of this collaboration a new spin-out company, Selectus Systems, has been formed. Selectus are currently commercialising the work previously done to bring it to market with Guy at the helm as IT Manager.


Guy Pilkington, now IT Manager at Selectus Systems

KTP is a fantastic way to fast-track your career into management with excellent job prospects at the end of the programme. The scheme allows graduates to work on real problems within companies while getting extensive training in all aspects: technical competence and managerial experience. An NVQ Level 4 in Management is part of the scheme along with the opportunity to get a free Masters or MPhil qualification too!

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Page last modified 22 September 2008.

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