Excellence in biomedical pattern recognition

The European Network of Excellence BioPattern gained funding approval for the next 18 months with glowing praise from the European Commission, who commented that the project is leading the way, scientifically, in the integration of bioinformatics with clinical patient data. The feedback from the first annual review meeting on March 15th secures funding for the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences until the end of 2006, totalling £200,000 to support two full-time post-doctoral researchers, Corneliu Arsene and Hane Aung, on clinical decision support for cancer.

Professor Paulo Lisboa leads the cancer track in BioPattern as well as the research on breast cancer, in particular the design of a European study to upgrade the prognostic index clinically used today, with one taking account of additional tests and treatments made available over the last 20 years since the Nottingham Prognostic Index was first produced. This work complements related EPSRC funded research on breast cancer with the involvement of Ian Jarman and Dr Terence Etchells. Further involvement by LJMU is also strong in ovarian cancer and ocular melanoma, with practical clinical systems expected to be deployed within the lifespan of this Network of Excellence.


Page last modified 19 June 2008.

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