Research Seminars

About the Seminars

Welcome to the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences (CMS) Research Seminar web site, which now comprises over 40 research students on a range of full-time and part-time programmes. The School employs over 70 highly qualified academic staff and is supported by teams of skilled technical and administrative staff.

The School is proud of its growing research base and reputation and long-standing history of working with local, regional and national industries through research, consultancy, short course activity and Teaching Company schemes. The School also has a number of collaborative partnerships both locally and internationally.

We encourage research students and members of staff to present their work and contributions during our seminars, where other academics can evaluate and provide feedback. Additionally, we invite external speakers to provide topics of interest to our research groups and students.

The internal research seminars can be arranged in a variety of formats, even simulating external conferences, to prepare new PhD and Masters students for presentations. Refreshments are provided for attendees, and research-active staff and PhD students are encouraged to attend to stay up-to-date with research goings-on in the school.

Undergraduate and Masters students are most welcome to attend presentations relevant to their course of study, and module leaders are encouraged to keep an eye on the timetables to keep their students abreast of relevant talks.

Whatever your reason for looking at our web site we hope you will find the information you need.

When and Where?

During semesters, seminars take place on Wednesday and/or Fridays in Room 705.

Wednesday seminars usually start at 3pm, while Friday seminars start at 2:30pm. Any deviations from this schedule will be made clear in the timetable.

Please do check the timetables regularly, as we can't always schedule talks fortnightly due to important school events that need room 705. If you're an LJMU student or member of staff, you're more than welcome to join us in 705 for the presentations, and to stay after for refreshments and a friendly chat.

If you've any comments, or you'd like to book a place in the schedule to present your work, please get in touch with David or Lucy.

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