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The official supplier for University business cards is a local printing company, Oriel Studios. All cards are double-sided with card details on one side and a choice of two colours on the reverse.

The cards have been designed to reflect the formal corporate style of University printed materials and no additional logos or personal websites will be incorporated into the cards.

The cards must be submitted using the official form which is submitted directly to Oriel Studios.

Once in receipt of the form Oriel Studios will set the details and return a pdf proof for checking. It is then the responsibility of the person ordering the card to ensure the details are correct and to email back an approval to Oriel Studios. IF ORIEL STUDIOS RECEIVES NO APPROVAL THE CARDS WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE PRINT RUN.

In order to gain maximum efficiency, the cards are produced in a bulk print run once per month. All orders must be placed by the 15th of every month in order to be included.  Cards will then be printed and returned to a central address in Marketing for quality checking a week after the print run.

The cards will cost £28 (+VAT) per 250. The form must be completed with Element 2 and 3 financial codes which will be charged directly to budgets. Please ensure that you code your order correctly - if codes are incorrect an additional administration charge will be levied.

Contact details for Oriel Studios are as follows:
Telephone: 0151 922 2785

Page last modified 24 January 2013.

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