Design and production process


To initiate design or production you will need to complete the ‘design and production request’ form. 

Once complete, email the form along with the relevant text, images etc. to the Brand and Production Manager in Marketing and Corporate Communications (email:

Your job will be scheduled in to meet your specified deadline. If there are any issues on meeting this deadline then the Brand and Production Manager will contact you to discuss your options.


The first proof of the artwork will be emailed to you as a pdf (unless otherwise stated) for your approval.

If the artwork does not require any amendments, simply send an email reply to the proof to confirm your approval.

If you have any amends these need to be clearly communicated to the Brand and Production Manager (via email or marked on a printed version of the pdf). A revised proof will be sent to you for your final approval.

Once final approval has been received the artwork will go to print (provided the quote has also been approved).

Marketing and Corporate Communications will manage the job through the whole print process and arrange delivery to the address stated on the ‘design and production request’ form.


The Brand and Production Manager will request one or more quotes (depending on the job) from the list of preferred suppliers and email you the most competitive price for your approval. Confirmation by email is sufficient. (NB your job will not go to print without your written approval). All orders over £5,000 will require approval from an authorised signatory.


The production invoice will be sent to Marketing and Corporate Communications. The Brand and Production Manager will check it against the original quote and then forward it to you via internal mail for you to process the payment.

Page last modified 19 November 2012.

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