Marketing and Corporate Communications has direct responsibility for co-ordinating course advertising, both corporate and subject specific.

Marketing and Corporate Communications handles the production of the advert from the initial booking to production of the necessary artwork. This service is provided completely free of charge. Central design of the artwork ensures that all adverts adhere to the corporate style and best cost prices are obtained. Whenever required the advert can be designed to a brief as long as it conforms to University style guidelines.

Advertising for educational courses is not subject to VAT. Marketing and Corporate Communications supplies any necessary paperwork to ensure that VAT is not charged on the invoice.

The main publication used for advertising is the Liverpool Echo. Click here  for samples of the most popular sizes. Each ad shows the maximum word count and typical cost for a mono ad of that size within the education section of the Echo. Simply select the size of ad to suit your needs and budget and then send the following information to Colette Glanvill (

  • Size of ad to be booked
  • Date of insertion in the Echo
  • Text for the ad in a word document – do not exceed the maximum word count stated
  • Cost code

You will receive a proof of the ad via pdf for your approval.

If the advertisement does not require any amendments, an email should be sent in reply to the proof providing authority to proceed. The email will be accepted as sign-off for the ad.

If the ad does require alteration a reply should be sent detailing any amendments (only one set of amends permitted per ad) and a further proof will be prepared for final approval.

Once final approval is received the advert will be sent to the publisher in the required format. 


Whenever possible Marketing and Corporate Communications will accommodate all advertising requests. However, the processes involved in producing an advert mean that an ad request must be submitted eight working days before the publication deadline to ensure that the ad is booked, set, approved, produced and sent to publication on time. Each publication will set its own deadline for both booking and receipt of artwork. This can range from 1 month before publication date for specialist and monthly publications to 2 days before publication date for publications such as daily newspapers.

The most popular publication for course advertising is the Thursday edition of the Liverpool Echo. Initial ad request would need to be made eight days in advance i.e. Monday of the previous week.

Page last modified 19 November 2012.

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