Oncology Pharmacy Practice

pills dropping in a potThe Oncology Pharmacy Practice Programme has evolved from the amalgamation of enthusiasm and expertise which has been generated over the years in the University and in Oncology pharmacy departments in the North West of England. The course is offered as a Certificate in Professional Development.

The overall aim of the course is to provide a rational, flexibly structured and coherent programme of study, which is relevant to the needs of oncology pharmacists, to facilitate the professional development of the student and to lay the foundations for a successful career to benefit cancer patients and the NHS or private sector.

Our other aims are:

To provide a sound knowledge base in the fields studied and develop wider process skills of practical application, communication, problem
solving and team working with other healthcare professionals

  • To foster the development of an enquiring, open-minded attitude,
    tempered with scientific discipline for oncology, which encourages lifelong learning
  • To permit a degree of student choice and learning outcomes associated with student-selected topics, achieved through open learning.

Entry requirements
All entrants will be pharmacists working in or having access to the field of oncology within secondary/tertiary care. Entrants will hold an honours degree in Pharmacy. All students will require access to computing and Internet services.

How To Apply
Application forms and further information can be obtained from:

Nicola Urquhart
Postgraduate Programme Administrator
School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences
Byrom Street
Liverpool L3 3AF
Tel: 0151 231 2248
Email: n.urquhart@ljmu.ac.uk 

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